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We’re welcoming two new hires


A goal as ambitious as ours requires a pretty special team. We’re excited to announce that Samir Sen and Anand Chandrasekaran are joining us.


It’s official — former General Catalyst Partner and Five9 CPO Anand Chandrasekaran and Stanford AI Lab technologist Samir Sen are joining Crescendo. We’re confident that our two new team members will strengthen our ability to transform customer experience.

Anand Chandrasekaran, leveraging deep domain expertise honed at Five9 and the Messenger for Business Platform at Meta, ‘hatched’ Crescendo as a partner at General Catalyst. He has now hopped over the fence to join us in an executive board member role.

Samir Sen joins us as our new Chief AI Scientist. His background at Stanford AI Lab and Apple, along with his experience building and experimenting with the latest AI technologies, will guide our long-term AI strategy.

In January, we launched Crescendo with an ambitious vision: to build modern, AI-first contact centers that deliver excellent customer service without escalating costs. Before AI, transformational ideas languished in outdated systems, with misaligned incentives and technological limitations. But now AI is finally ready to help us disrupt these challenges. We’re in a new era, and our plan is to verticalize and offer a harmonious solution that includes AI, software, and humans-in-the-loop, working together.

To realize this vision, we knew we needed a team as innovative as the solution itself. With Anand and Samir joining Andy, Matt, Slava, and Tod, our core team build is now complete. As CX industry insiders who helped build successful companies like Alorica, Five9, Zendesk and Genesys, we’re confident generative AI is the transformative moment we’ve been waiting for. Its potential is immense — as seen in successes like Klarna’s — but early hype can sometimes lead to disappointment. Choosing the wrong vendor or attempting DIY solutions can lead to disappointing or even disastrous results, undermining the technology’s promise.

Crescendo is the alternative: a solution that delivers on the promise and benefits of AI without the headline challenges.

We’re bringing back the BPO — but this time, it’s the one you always wanted to hire - with AI at the center of the product offering. Expect industry-leading AI and a human-centric approach that elevates your customer interactions.

This isn’t just a future promise. In just two weeks, we launched a solution providing 24/7 live service across channels in over 50 languages with a blend of AI assistants and human agents. And we’re delivering this comprehensive service at a fraction of the cost of what it would have taken just 12 months ago.

Our platform streamlines the customer experience. It replaces disparate CX tools (chat and voice bots, quality assurance, sentiment analysis, coaching, Voice of the Customer) with modern, AI-driven alternatives. This pre-integrated platform eliminates integration headaches for you and allows us to invest more in our experienced agents. They handle the complex issues that AI can’t (or shouldn’t) fully tackle, resulting in better pay, better service, and a better work environment for them — all while meeting your cost targets. This translates directly into a better customer experience, as evidenced by the early results we’ve seen.

Our ambition to transform customer experience in this way is admittedly lofty, but it’s attainable with the people. That’s why I’m thrilled that Anand and Samir are joining the incredible Crescendo team.

  • Matt Price, CEO

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