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Introducing the Crescendo platform


Crescendo's technology combines cutting-edge AI in the form of a platform and applications to transform customer experience with superior quality at scale.

Today, we’re pleased to introduce our CX platform, This exciting new technology embodies our belief that AI and human expertise work best as partners. We built from the ground up to harness the incredible power of Generative AI, working hand-in-hand with people.

The platform

The platform powers both voice and messaging assistants, enabling them to engage in meaningful customer conversations. It also drives the Crescendo CX Insights application to provide Voice of Customer analysis and business insights for all conversations handled by Crescendo. Architecture

LLM Manager

The platform features an LLM Manager, allowing our architecture to leverage the most suitable AI technology available. To date, we've integrated LLM services from OpenAI, Google, and Anthropic to optimize price-performance across various use cases. We'll continue to integrate additional models as we further enhance the platform's capabilities.


We carefully combine the potential of foundational AI services with three distinct knowledge domains, to ensure our platform delivers exceptional customer experiences:

  • Client Domain
  • CX Domain
  • Vertical Domain

Client Domain

The platform directs foundational AI models to conduct sales or customer support conversations within the client domain. This is the heart of your business – your products, services, and the specific information customers need. Think of it as the essential training manual for a new CX representative. A common source for this information is an in-house knowledge base, but it could be sourced from a more loosely organized set of materials such as product manuals or website content.

CX Domain

This domain shapes the personality and goals of your customer interactions. Generative AI models are remarkably adaptable, and we configure them to reflect your brand's unique voice and values. The CX domain sets the business objective for the experience, such as lead qualification or technical support, and describes the desired style of interaction. Whether you want a focus on friendly problem-solving or a more lighthearted approach, the CX domain ensures a consistent and satisfying experience for every customer.

Vertical Domain

Lastly, our deep industry experience provides invaluable context for your customer interactions. If you operate in the retail sector, the platform draws insights from proven retail customer service techniques. If your focus is technical support, we'll incorporate field-tested strategies to make troubleshooting efficient and clear. Consider it the equivalent of hiring CX professionals who already have a solid understanding of your industry's needs and expectations, boosting customer satisfaction right from the start.

CX professionals: A full-service solution

Crescendo offers a comprehensive CX solution that seamlessly blends the platform with our in-house CX professionals, ensuring your customers receive exceptional support. For many clients, we implement fully automated Tier 1 interactions using the platform, providing instant, multilingual support around the clock. When needed, we offer smooth escalation to our trained CX professionals for Tier 2 assistance. To maintain a consistent experience, our team members access the same knowledge base that powers the AI.

Continuous improvement

This innovative tech-human partnership gives us unprecedented insight into every customer interaction. We view all Tier 2 interactions as opportunities to enhance and refine the platform. And our CX professionals have a dual role. They deliver excellent customer experiences, and they actively contribute to our platform's development. This approach creates career growth opportunities for our team, and ensures our entire organization remains focused on continuously improving customer experiences.

Business insights

The final piece of our platform is our Business Insights dashboard.

Business Insights Report 1Business Insights Report 2

We believe in complete transparency. We provide 100% transcription and customer satisfaction analysis, supporting our quality guarantee. If we fall short of your service expectations, we offer account credits. Beyond individual interactions, we see your CX conversations as a trove of valuable business intelligence. The platform analyzes them to inform your strategic decisions. For example, it can summarize the most common reasons for product returns, or highlight frequent product issues that lead to customer complaints. This analysis empowers our clients to make data-driven decisions focused on customer satisfaction and business growth.

Some final thoughts

We all know that the integration of Generative AI into CX heralds big changes in technology and the workforce. Crescendo is dedicated to bringing forward the best of these changes, finding the balance between AI-driven solutions and the irreplaceable value of human expertise. At our core, our mission is to:

  1. Elevate customer experiences worldwide: Deliver consistently high-quality service everywhere.
  2. Reduce the cost and expand access to excellent CX: Make exceptional customer support accessible to businesses of all sizes.
  3. Enrich the lives of CX professionals: Empower them with cutting-edge tools and create fulfilling career paths.

This is what makes Crescendo special. We look forward to sharing more with you as we grow, and extend our heartfelt gratitude to our early customers for their collaborative efforts in refining our offering.

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