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Empathy in AI: It’s surprising


Our AI is going beyond simple automation to provide surprisingly empathetic service. We discuss how it creates a customer experience that’s defined by speed, personalization, and reliable problem solving.


It's easy to be skeptical about the hype surrounding AI. We get it. But recently, a client said something we couldn't have imagined a few years ago: "Your bot shows more empathy than our agents."

That was during a user testing session, and it blew us away. Even for us – firm advocates of generative AI – this technology keeps surpassing expectations for what it can do in CX.

Challenging misconceptions about AI

We often hear things like AI being "good at simple tasks," or that it "needs a ton of data to be successful." Generative AI challenges these traditional notions around the limitations of AI.

For instance, Generative AI excels at answering very unique and complex questions.. And we’ve found when it comes to training our AI, we actually prefer a small amount of high quality content. Focusing on a streamlined, accurate knowledge base gives much better results than simply throwing a lot of sample data at it.

One of the things that keeps amazing us is how Generative AI can make customers feel understood. We’re not suggesting that the software feels — but rather, that the software can make the customers feel. Here’s how we’re seeing it at work.

Punctuality and availability

We've all had those frustrating customer service moments: waiting in endless queues, hearing an IVR respond “Sorry, I didn’t get that,” or getting stuck with a legacy chatbot. It feels like a basic lack of respect for our time. Our clients want to offer immediate engagement with their customers — on digital, voice, or mobile, at any time of day. With generative AI, the wait for customer service vanishes. It’s a huge relief to imagine getting the help you need the moment you ask for it.

Active listening

Think about the last time you contacted customer service online. Chances are, there were awkward pauses in the chat as you waited for replies. That’s because agents aren’t focused on your conversation. They’re multitasking. We’ve seen transcripts from agent-based digital call centers, and the timestamps tell the sad story.

You’ve also probably noticed that you get a lot of canned responses. One client transcript we observed showed a customer asking if a specific model supported Bluetooth. The agent replied with the full feature description from the knowledge base. The response technically had the information the customer requested, but the response wasn’t created for that question. This is a ‘best match’ query and response, which is typical for agents using response templates or legacy AI chatbots.

Our Crescendo CX Assistant instantly generates a unique response to each customer’s query. The power of asking a simple question and getting a well-organized response, shaped exactly for your need — that’s what makes us feel heard.

Effectiveness and consistency

It’s only natural to find that customer service agents have different skill levels. We've all had those frustrating customer service moments – getting someone new who's still learning the ropes, or finding out halfway through that the information we were given wasn't quite right. The inconsistency can be maddening, especially with complex issues.

In our testing we’ve seen errors in automation but these have been errors based on mistakes or conflicts in training material. The truth is, at every turn, our AI has inspired us to an incredible level of confidence. We're so confident about our service that we credit clients for any conversations that don’t meet expectations.

Sure, our AI can’t feel…but it feels pretty good

Our Crescendo CX Assistant regularly leaves customers with the feeling that they’ve engaged with a super competent customer service representative. That’s because our AI is:

  • Punctual and available
  • An active listener
  • And effective, competent, and consistent.

No more frustrating wait times, no more generic chatbot responses – just the feeling of being truly understood and helped efficiently. With our Crescendo CX Assistant, you'll deliver the kind of immediate, personalized, and consistently accurate support that wins customer loyalty. And for those moments where a human touch is needed, our team of CX professionals seamlessly steps in. They collaborate with our AI, continuously improving its performance and ensuring that every customer interaction leaves a positive impression. We're passionate about redefining what's possible in customer service. If you're ready to join in , come say hello at

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