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Crescendo is committed to responsible AI


Responsible AI is at the heart of everything we do. We believe in the power of AI to enhance customer experience, but never at the cost of privacy.

Crescendo is committed to responsible AI

Crescendo is built on the transformative promise of artificial intelligence. Used well, we believe that AI has the potential to elevate the work of CX professionals, and to create better experiences for customers.

Of course, with any new technology, ethical challenges come right along with the exciting developments. We see that there is a growing need for recognized ethical AI practices. That’s why we prioritize using AI responsibility, especially in how we train our models.

Data is secure in customer interactions

We believe that trust is the cornerstone of any customer relationship. And this extends to how our customer data is handled.

In line with our commitment to responsible AI, Crescendo does not use any personal customer information stored in audio, video, chat, interaction transcripts, attachments, or other data to train Crescendo or third-party artificial intelligence models. This means that any personal or sensitive information that customers share during their interactions are confidential and not used for any hidden purpose.

The customer is in control

In addition, Crescendo customers have full control over what data Crescendo processes. Our customers can configure what data is stored, and for how long.

We use AI to create excellent customer experiences. That’s why we make sure our data policy is anchored in trust and transparency.

“Responsible AI” is evolving

The definition of responsible AI is evolving as the technology continues to prove what it can do. We’re committed to monitoring the latest—and greatest—thinking in this area. And we’d be happy to educate you as we develop our policies.

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